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DTB CASA is one of its kinds of platform where it will let meet buyers and suppliers. This platform will help people to get value for their items. Our aim to reach local people and support them for their items which they want to sell at reasonable price. We would like to offer our service via a single window platform.

DTB CASA will offer different types of services to cater individual needs whether you want to book a hotel or you want to buy a pure organic black bee honey for your grandfather or you are looking for a school bag for your 3 years old daughter. Our services are diversified. Our aim to be the best customer experience company in Uttrakhand, India.

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DTB CASA is a single platform offering various services through one channel. CASA is a Spanish word which means house; we would like to offer services from our house to your house while connecting together.

We empower local businessman with our smart marketing technology, support and inspiring content. DTB Casa founded in 2015, and redesign in 2020.

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DTB CASA creative team members believe in local for vocal empathize enhance local talent and business capacity. You will find an artificial intelligence shopping platform for all the local shopkeepers in Uttrakhand on our website. When you are shopping from our website you are helping a local Indian countryman.
DTB CASA Team day-night helping Uttrakhand small business owners and new India skill India. You can also contribute in this mission purchase your regular products and grocery from our website and help local countrymen and your local shopkeeper
DTB CASA believes in the concept of Made in India for the India V Indian. All the vendors in all the shopkeepers available on our websites are only in India brand ambassador
DTB CASA 24-hour support system is available in all Uttarakhand cities we have 250 franchise in Uttarakhand and every day 1 Businessman and shopkeeper associating every hour to our website or contact us for any type of support .our 24 Hour support is available help you and provide you award-winning support.

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A one-stop shop for all your needs. DTB CASA store offer a wide range of lifestyle products across organic, fashion, culture, technology, entertainment, beauty and related services. With its unique shopping experience DTBcasa aims to create a new dimension in retail, and caters to the region's cultures and supports the local community.

DTB CASA Organic Shop

“You are what you eat”. At DTB CASA we believe good quality food is everybody's right. Nothing is more important to us than your health. Our all items are sourced by local farmers in Uttrakhand. All products are prescriptive in its approach wherein it assists the body in restoring strength, balance and longevity. We believe organic, seasonal, local and nutritionally.

DTB CASA Digital Marketing

We plan, create, amplify and analyze digital content in order to help meet business objectives. DTB CASA Digital Marketing team offers a wide range of business solutions. We work across different departments to unlock company and consumer insights and help them make the most of Social Media.

DTB CASA – The Bake Shop & Catering

DTB CASA is a new concept that is family owned and home grown in Uttrakhand by Tewari’s Family, who have rich Hospitality industry experience. Our chef has created a Large Menu selections of delicious cakes, pastries, sandwiches etc. for your Corporate Meets,Family get together.we have got you covered for All Requirements.Just call us and get the best cakes, snacks and desserts for your event

Our Ventures

What we do

DTB CASA Handcrafts

DTB CASA handcrafts suppliers of exquisite collection of handicrafts and gifts items created by Indian artisans. The range includes handicraft decor items, handcrafted gifts, figurines, desk accessories, wall paintings and more. Our products are created usually by hand or using traditional methods by local Uttrakhand people. Our aim to give a platform to local artisans where they can get value for their products and our customers can get a traditionally product at their doorstep

DTB CASA Dairy & Others

At DTB CASA we strive to build a better future for generations to come. We believe that protecting our environment is essential to producing products that support a nutritious and sustainable diet to our next generation. At DTB CASA we want to be a part of this solution. DTB CASA offers a wide range of dairy products to grow healthier. Our purpose is to be naturally nutritious. In everything we do, we strive to feed the world better and to enable our local Uttrakhand dairy farmers to have a good life, for today and for generations to come.

DTB CASA Shipping Services

DTB CASA is A shipping company offering a service tailored to your all needs. Our shipping company that brings its customers outstanding global coverage, connecting all of the world’s trade centers. Our business function is providing provisions and essential services. We supply a comprehensive range of products sourced from local and international brands of the highest quality. DTBcasa Shipping Services delivers goods and services to local communities, customers and international business partners

Sunrise Foundation

Sunrise is a nonprofit organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and development in the rural area of Uttrakhand. Sunrays Foundation is not just an organization. Its vision is of a creative India. Our vision is to assist poor children, pledge to plant a tree and women empowerment in our Uttrakhand, rural area. At Sunrays Foundation we believe we as humans are born to help others.

DTB CASA Taxi Services

DTB CASA Taxi Services provides services in all Uttarakhand.Transfer with us, we manage to present all our customers with amiable cab drivers, attentive to your needs. We give paramount importance to customer satisfaction.our services will be available only in Almora and Nainital District. Later, it will be available in all Uttarakhand.

Become a Fan of DTBcasa

Whether you are a student, a working professional or a housewife, you can become a Fan of DTBcasa by simply signing form. Through this platform we are committed to supporting local people and making them financially strong.

Our history


Started DTB CASA

DTB CASA started in Malaysia from Indian Dinesh C. Tewari – Co-Founder & Managing Director with his partner's Co-Founders. The concept of the company is to provide a platform for locals businessmen traders and provide them an International platform.


DTB CASA F&B Consult

Dinesh C. Tewari – Co-Founder & Managing Director took DTBcasa started operations Malaysia to Dubai and start entering into the hospitality industry. Successful flagship Consulting and operation contract company



DTB CASA started his trading and shipping company between India and Dubai. The corporate office located in Uttarakhand India and operation started and entering into the shipping segment.


Local For Vocal Shop

DTBcasa started his local for vocal online e-commerce shop in India and started is operation from Uttarakhand. The company also enter into verticals and Consulting artificial software development and online e-commerce business


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Dinesh C. Tewari
Founder & Managing Director

Hospitality industry professional with energetic and passionate hotelier with a remarkable career of more than 16+ years.Co-Founder & Managing Director DTBcasa

Manoj C. Tewari
Brand Associate - DTB CASA

Manoj has done Masters in Social Works. His dream is to help local people and promote social work in the proximity. He likes gardening and farming.

Kiran Dinesh Tewari
Director - DTB CASA

Kiran has done Masters in Arts. She likes painting, designing new items etc. She Trust in offering employment opportunities for local people.

Susheel Maharana
Managing Partner

Susheel is a Dreamer, Achiever, Trend setter.Ex-Hotelier by experience and career consultant, motivational speaker, sportslover by heart.Dream is to make local a global brand.

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DTB CASA, excellent shipping between India Dubai, and Malaysia we are associate for the last 3 years and we are very happy. Good luck about their operations in India

John Doe

John Doe


DTB CASA is one of the most trusted exporters of Indian spices Handicrafts and Gems in Dubai we have our office and we are associate from last one year

Hannah Brown

MS Hannah Brown

Sun Exports Dubai

We are happy with the services we are getting in Dubai from DTB casa, good luck about their operations in India

Jane Doe

Mark ames

Dubai Shipping

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Uttrakhand handicraft shop now live

Read more about Uttarakhand local handicraft shopkeepers and their offers promotions on our website. guarantee lowest raised and reasonable price shipping all India service available

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Uttarakhand first organic shop now live

best Organic products are available on our website from Uttarakhand fresh organic and all India delivery. safety and sanitized when to deliver your product anywhere in nearby you.

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